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Soul Connexion Coaching is about listening to the soul and working with your tribe; your guides, ancestors, angels, totem animals etc and healing from the inside out.  Soul Connexion Coaching is not about “fixing”, for in truth, no one needs “fixing” it is about minimising the self-sabotage and finding a way to move to a positive space.  It embraces the essence within you and moves beyond victim based healing.

It’s for anyone who wants to enrich their living experience. How I assist and guide you is by holding a safe space for you to connect with your soul.  When we accept and listen to ourselves honestly and completely, we are able to honour and accept all of who we are and then, and only then, can we move forward.

Coaching can be fortnightly or monthly; face to face or online, distance is no barrier as a solution  can be developed to meet your needs. The needs of you and your soul are the key goal throughout the process, and I am more than happy to work with you to find a coaching solution that meets your time, location and more importantly – budget.

A typical coaching arrangement would be over a 6 month time-frame (meeting either once or twice a month depending on need). This is to allow the program time to have effect and for you see the benefits.

During the initial session you will answer a series of written questions to create your soul profile as well as take an event history.

Soul connexion coaching session usually run for about an hour.

Standard fee is $120

Soul Connexion

coaching structure

Soul Profile Report

Discover why you are having this human experience and how to get the most of your journey.

This report includes:

  • Your soul’s age and role
  • Goal
  • Mode
  • Attitude
  • Trap
  • Natal card reading
  • Which crystals will help you the most

This report will help you understanding why you do the things you do and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

NOTE: Although you will get the initial information at the appointment the full report will be delivered between 3 – 5 days.

$240 AUD

What My coaching Clients are Saying

“Recently I’ve been sorting out some hefty life issues relating to a long term relationship that hasn’t always made sense. A complex collection of life events and associated issues. I haven’t understood why the recurring themes of this relationship have never effectively been resolved, missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

I contacted Leona to ask for guidance in how to get through to the truth of the pattern. Through a guided Karma meditation Leona took me to a past life which was impacting on the current life.

Safely and gently I was taken to a safe place which enabled me to see the events relevant to my issue.

I was able to see the exact moment of how things were in the past life, who was there, what was happening and how events unfolded. Focussed on my initial question, Leona guided me to the knowledge that I needed. After I returned to present day awareness, Leona and I were able to discuss further the event and unpack the relevance to today.

I was astounded to discover why the events in this current day were happening. Prior to doing the past life meditation I was constantly confused and didn’t understand the context of any of the issues relating to this one person. Now I know how the pattern of the previous life, it’s choices or lack of choices etc have impacted here and now.

Leona advised a simple task to finally deal with it in a practical and meaningful and permanent way.
I now have a way forward, leaving this issue where it belongs, way back in the past. I’ve done what I could and only what I could do about it.

I feel clear, free and finally can say I’ve done all I can. Now I let it go and walk away free.

If you need clear cut, powerfully truthful information regarding an issue you just can’t make sense of in this life context, consult Leona. It’s value and importance will blow your mind!”

Dan Stevenson

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Senses

“Leona, I don’t know where to start.  You have helped me in ways you can’t even imagine.  I think the fact that you are so intuitive and psychic is a great skill you bring to coaching.  Not every coach can tune in like you, and I want you to know that our sessions not only heal me beyond what I expected, but blow me away. I did not expect to come in one day and go into a past life meditation to find out why I do unconscious spending and it helped me in changing my spending habits.  I now have money in the bank!! Thank you, thank you”


Soul Connexion Coaching client

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