Celtic Connections Tour

Are you ready for a journey of healing?

Do you feel a deep connection with Ireland and all things Celtic?

Does your heart long to return home?

If you’re ready to super-size your transformational journey to enlightenment

then join Leona Sea, Psychic Soul Coach, Healer and Teacher

for a heart-centred, soul powered tour of Ireland.

18 – 23 July 2018

Do you Yearn to connect to something greater than you?

Imagine . . . sitting in a sacred space of powerful energy, you breath deeply and reach into your inner core and begin to listen to the inner voice, the voice of your soul. . .

You feel your heart expand as a powerful energy seems to surge from deep within the land, up through your body and extends all the way to the sun high, high in the sky. You’ve never felt so grounded, so certain, so powerful.

Ahh the call of Ireland.

Say Yes to a Healing Journey you have always dreamed of!

It’s time  . . .  Imagine if you could connect to a land that hold memories of a past life.

Imagine being able to hear your soul’s voice and understand it.

Now imagine the healing of karmic old wounds as you are taken back in time to release old energies.

Imagine sitting in mediation in some of the most sacred sites in Ireland, using the earth’s energy to heal.

How will you Achieve the Healing of your Dreams?


By connecting to the land and using its unique energies to supersize the impact


By connecting to your spiritual guides


By understanding your past life connections


By releasing what no longer serves you

My Soul says Yes!

Celtic Connections

Land of fairies and magic

There is a magic about Ireland which is recognized by people worldwide, maybe because its name means Land of the Goddess Eriu. Be open to magic and it will happen! – our Celtic ancestors knew this and they are inviting you to do the same…

This Emerald Isle is home to leprechauns and Faeries; medieval knights and ancient Celtic myths and legends; where Druids once roamed the land and the rich Celtic spiritual culture thrived.

It is easy to be enchanted by the scenic beauty, mesmerized by the traditional music and dancing, awestruck by ancient wisdom of the sacred sites and combined with your inner journey through connection to forgotten aspects of self and mother earth, leave you energized, joyful and open hearted. These Sacred Sites have been revered as sacred by Pagans and Christians for thousands of years and this opens a doorway for each of us to discover forgotten aspects of our inner world…

Our pilgrimage will take us back in time and into the realms of myth, legend and deep wisdom as we make a journey through some of the most magical counties of Ireland, visiting sites revered as sacred by Pagans and Christians for thousands of years.

Discover the secrets of the ancient Earth-based Celtic wisdom as you explore the sacred landscape and its lore ~ Connect with the power, wisdom and beauty of the magical sites of medieval monastic sites, mountain cairns, holy wells, stone circles, fairy glens, mysterious lakes and cleansing ocean ~ Meet local expert guides ~ Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Celtic and Neolithic ancestors at pristine, un-crowded sites where you can hear the whispers of ancient voices and feel the magic course through you. This opens a doorway for each of us to discover forgotten aspects of our inner world…

My soul says Yes!

Step into your Power!

By day, we’ll be winding our way through Ireland following the ley lines and connecting to the energy within the land as they who heed the call of their spirit have done for a long time.

We will experience some of the tourist attractions as well.

The landscape soothes your soul. You remember the joy of slowing down and taking a moment to catch a few rays of sun. Then you can retire to your comfortable and welcoming room to recharge and relax until our next adventure begins.

My heart says Yes!

What We are Doing

Find out what we are doing day by day

Day 1: Naas

After collection from Dublin Airport drive to our hotel in Naas, our base for the next 3 nights.

Introductions and orientation meeting followed by Dinner at the hotel.

Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Kildare

We start our journey with a pilgrimage to Kildare, the home of Brigid. She was both Pagan goddess and early Christian saint. St Brigid established a monastery in 470AD, probably at the location of a former pagan sacred site. Kildare Cathedral developed from this monastery in the early 13th century and is unusual in Ireland for being Anglican. It contains a hidden ‘sheela-na-gig’, a pagan symbol of fertility and the feminine. Within the graveyard is the only surviving round tower in Ireland that you can climb.

We will visit St Brigid’s Well, a place of peace and tranquillity that has been revered since beyond memory. The Brigidine Sisters, who maintain her perpetual flame, are a shining light for peace and have recently opened a new centre that we will visit when we go to meet them.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Wicklow

The former monastic site of Glendalough meaning ‘Glen of the two lakes’ is set in a valley of great natural beauty and serenity surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains. The ‘monastic city’ was mostly built in the 12th century and comprises several churches, a spectacular round tower and an early Celtic cross. We explore the legends as well as the ruins and take time to walk in the natural woodland that was home to this spiritual retreat.

We lunch at Avoca Handweavers’ award-winning café and take a tour of the oldest woollen mill in Ireland.

We travel through the stunning high moorland scenery of the Wicklow Gap to visit two stone circles within a sacred landscape. Castleruddery, a small stone circle, contains two large quartz blocks as portal stones that are highly energetic.

Athgreany Piper’s Stones, are reputed to be dancers who were turned to stone for dancing on Sunday but locals say that fairies still play the bagpipes at midnight!

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 4: Sligo

Today we drive across the width of Ireland to the dramatically located harbour town of Sligo, our base for the next three days. The town looks out to the west through the harbour and Sligo Bay to the open Atlantic and is protected by the imposing flat topped mountain of Benbulbin to the north.

The rest of the day is free time to explore this charming town including the ruins of medieval Sligo Abbey.


Day 5: Bricklieve

Carrowkeel is set high in the rugged Bricklieve Mountains and offers sensational views of the surrounding landscape. It is wild and spectacular here and it allows us to easily imagine ourselves in Neolithic times when the forces and places of Nature were revered as part of their worldview and spirituality; as we reach the top we are in another world. There are fourteen Neolithic cairns, two of which have three-sided recesses forming a cruciform chamber that we can enter. Cairn G has a light-box above the entrance, similar to the one at Newgrange, and this admits the light of the setting sun around midsummer and the setting moon around midwinter.

Carrowmore is the largest megalithic complex in Ireland covering more than 1 ½ square miles. There are remains of thirty passage cairns, together forming an oval shape, many of which have a dolmen at their centre. The sacred mountain of Knocknarea, with Maebh’s Cairn on top, is visible to the northwest.

We will have the whole day to explore these sacred landscapes that have been revered for over 5,000 years.

Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day 6: County Mayo

Today we explore County Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland. Our first stop is at the oldest field system in the world, the Ceide Fields. Set high on the clifftops the pyramidal shaped visitor centre has a glazed viewing area at its peak affording spectacular views out over the ocean as well as an informative audio-visual show on the people who lived here 5,500 years ago.

We’ll have lunch at the visitor centre café.

We then take a short journey but leap forward five thousand years to the Franciscan Moyne Abbey dating to 1462AD. The ruins are amongst the most intact of any Irish abbey and give a glimpse into medieval monastic life. Set in a rural location and receiving few visitors it has a very peaceful atmosphere, ideal for meditating or ceremony.

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 7: Ulster

Today we travel to our third and final hotel base in Kells for 3 nights.

En route we make a brief detour into Northern Ireland (Ulster). There are no border controls as we cross over into Ulster to visit the enigmatic Janus Idol and Lusty Man on Boa Island. Two mysterious carved stone statues with double-faced heads that may date to the Bronze Age are located in the atmospheric early Christian graveyard of Caldragh that is around fifteen hundred years old. There are similarities to the Easter Island Moai and some people think they look alien so lets see who you think they were.

When we arrive in Kells you will have a free afternoon and evening to explore the town with its five High Crosses and other historic sites.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 8: Kells

This morning our climb up to the hilltop cairns of Loughcrew is rewarded with panoramic views of seventeen counties (or so we’re told!). The old name for Loughcrew was Slieve na Caillighe, Gaelic for Mountain of the Witch. We can gain access into Cairn T that has elaborately carved and decorated stones in its inner recesses and the Hag’s Chair set into the northern side of the kerb. We’ll take time to personally experience the energies of the different cairns that each have solar alignments on various Celtic Festival dates.

We have a relaxed lunch at Tara before visiting the royal centre of the ancient capital of Leinster and the place where the king undertook the ‘Ban Fheis’ or sacred marriage to the goddess in order to secure fertility and wellbeing for the land and his people. Its importance grew until the king of Tara was also seen as the High King of all Ireland, but only after undertaking tests to prove his rightfulness to be king. We explore the complex of sites at Tara including Grainne’s (Sun Goddess) Mound, the Mound of the Hostages, the Stone of Destiny and Teach Cormaic.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 9: Newgrange

Today we visit the Bru na Boinne visitor center to learn about Newgrange and Knowth cairns, Ireland’s most famous Neolithic sites.

Anthony Murphy, author of ‘Newgrange: Monument to Immortality’, will be our expert Irish guide for the day to share his wisdom with us as we experience the sacred sites of the Boyne Valley.

We first visit Knowth, a complex of cairns that has the finest Neolithic stone carvings in Europe decorating most of the kerbstones around the base of the main cairn; this feels like a real world Hobbitland!

We will then be guided inside Newgrange, known as a passage tomb but also a place of initiation and spiritual rites of passage. It is aligned such that the midwinter solstice sunrise sends a shaft of light that extends deep inside the passage to the central chambers.

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 10: Farewell

Depart for Dublin Airport for flights home or private time in Dublin.

Meals:  Breakfast

My heart says Yes!

Important Information

Tour Price includes:

  • Collection from & return to Dublin airport
  • All land transportation
  • Accommodation in quality hotels
  • All breakfasts, & four evening meals
  • All normal admission charges to sacred sites
  • Gratuities on included meals & all taxes
  • Third party liability insurance
  • All rooms have ensuite bathroom facilities and tour prices are based on sharing a twin/double room.  (A limited number of single rooms are available for which there will be a single supplement charge of $490 AUD)
  • Tour Deposit of $750 per person booking

Not included in Tour Price:

  • International flights
  • Lunches and those evening meals not listed as included
  • Beverages except tea, coffee and water with meals
  • Personal expenditure
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

NOTE: You MUST have travel insurance, evidence of holding it must be presented.

Meet your Tour Leader!

Leona is a Psychic Soul Coach, Kundalini Reiki Master, Forensic Healer and Avalon Master Healer with a speciality in Karmic past lives, a high priestess, and qualified counsellor and teacher.

Leona has a strong connection with Avalon and can clearly remember a past life there.  She is excited to be able to share a pastlife spiritual home with others.

Her journey began at an early age when she was trained by a Daughter of Avalon in the healing arts and divination. She went on to live a “normal” life by becoming a social worker and trainer.  She returned to her true path in her early 30s when she again began exploring her psychic abilities and soul work.

You can read more about her here.

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