About  Me

Or all the things you never knew 🙂

Long story short

Do you ever wonder about “Who are we?” … “Why are we here?” … “What is really true/real?”

Do you yearn for a deeper and more meaningful connection with your soul?

There is something unique and beautiful about each of our spiritual journeys.

I began my spiritual journey when I was young. Somehow I just knew things, things I shouldn’t have known and unfortunately at six years of age I didn’t have much of a filter. I was accused of eavesdropping a lot!

Now when doing readings I get asked if I stand outside people’s living room windows.

By the time I was in my early teens my BS detector was on overdrive and spirit was actively pushing me along on a set spiritual path. Boy, would life become very uncomfortable and uneasy when I rebelled or strayed from that path.

By age 21 I had put it all on hold so I could get married and raise my children. I became a master at making deals with Spirit. . .

After a divorce, another marriage and another divorce Spirit had enough of my deals and it was time to get down to brass tacks and get back on the path. To be honest, I was a little sick of feeling like I was running inside a mouse wheel, getting nowhere and stuck on repeat.

This experience exposed me to releasing old patterns, opening to truth, and discovering self-love.

Don’t get me wrong it didn’t happen overnight, and it was hard work.

But Spirit guided me and showed me what needed to be done.

Look, I could tell you that I’m an Avalon Master Healer, a Kundalini Reiki Master and Forensic Healer with a speciality in Karmic past lives, that I’m a high priestess, that I’m a qualified counsellor and teacher, but as far as Spirit is concerned that was just part of a journey, my journey.

What’s relevant to you is that Spirit wants me to share what I learned with you. . .

How to connect to your soul and to give your soul a voice you can hear and understand.

We can do that through readings, 1:1 soul connexion coaching, workshops or retreats, or if you really want to pamper yourself and immerse yourself in a healing journey, come on a tour.  You have to be prepared though, to take that inward journey, to get to know your soul on an intimate level, because it is my belief it’s only when we are open and honest that we can heal and move forward on our journeys.

So I’m here to offer you a safe, simple, and authentic environment in which you may allow yourself to open and exercise absolute honesty of where you are on your path so that you, too, may be empowered to live your truth . . . so you can remember who you are and live your full potential . . .however that looks for you.

I have the right tools,

let Me Help You

26 Adelaide Street

Blayney, NSW, 2799


+61425 314 208

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